Fidget and twidget

Posted by Sharon M. on October 10, 2005

In Reply to: Fidget and twidget posted by Bruce Kahl on October 10, 2005

: : I am curious to know what is the meaning of the expression "fidget and twidget" in Shel Silverstein's "Obedient"? I understand what fidget means but am not able to discern the meaning of "twidget" alongside it. Might the author's choice of the word here is for intonation purposes or is there an expression of "fidget and twidget" in this combination?

: : The poetical excerpt in question:

: : Teacher said, "You don't obey.
: : You fidget and twidget
: : And won't sit down.
: : So go stand in the corner now
: : 'Til I say you can turn around."
: :

: From the context I would vote for twidget being derived from twitch-twitched which means almost the same as fidget.

: In the miliary a twidget is slang for a person who fixes computers and other electronics.

: And some people use it as slang for a woman's genitals which I found at the link below.

Thank you for explaining the term to me; You've been a great help!

~ Sharon M.