Great balls of fire

Posted by Steve E on September 30, 2005

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: : : What is the meaning of "great balls of fire" when we use it for human?

: : I'm not sure about "when we use it for human." But anyone who reads the comic pages of newspapers (or the funny papers) probably recognizes "Great balls of fire" as a favorite interjection of Snuffy Smith, a friend of Barney Google's. The two were hill-billy goofballs ever since 1934, and very popular for a long period of time. What does it mean? Nothing much other than "Wow!" or "Holy Smoke!" Might come from the Bible, but probably not. SS, ESL

: It is an exclamation:
: 1 : a sharp or sudden utterance
: 2 : vehement expression of protest or complaint
: (Merriam-Webster)

Also a song by Jerry Lee Lewis. "Goodness gracious, Great Balls of Fire!"