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"Screw the Bobbin"

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on August 20, 2005

In Reply to: "Screw the Bobbin" Posted by Allan Howard on August 20, 2005

: Has any one heard the phrase,"Screw the Bobbin".I belve it means "Play The Game" or act sensibly. I would be interested to know its origins,thanks.

I've never heard the expression here on the western shores of the Atlantic, but I found a definition on a website devoted to Scottish culture. They don't claim it as a strictly Scottish phrase, but there were a lot of textile mills on the north of England during the industrial revolution and this phrase may have crossed the border into Scotland, or vice-versa.

"screw -
To 'screw the bobbin (boabin)'. Means tae get control or a grip eh the situation. Must originate fae the auld weavers urr sumhin.
'Heh! Wull ye calm doon! Ah know thers nae shoaps but jist screw eh boabin wull ye!' or 'Eh'll pass eez drivin test this time, if eh jist screws eh boabin.' "

Translation: To screw the bobbin. Means to get control or a grip of the situation. Must originate from the old weavers or something. 'Hey! Will you calm down! I know there's no shops but just screw the bobbin will you!' or 'I'll pass the driving test this time, if I just screw the bobbin.'