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Six much

Posted by Bob on July 21, 2005

In Reply to: Six much posted by Alina on July 21, 2005

: hey, I have a question... can anybody tell me what 'six much' means?
: In context

: He fixed her with a cocky smirk. ?Told ya you didn?t wanna know,? he countered proudly, savoring his ?I told you so?.

: ?Six much?? she exclaimed in disgust.

: He snorted. ?Don?t blame me for tryin? to warn you.? His eyes narrowed as he leaned in what he hoped was a menacing manner.

: Please sent me an answer to my e-mail

I don't know the answer, and I leave that to more knowledgable people ... but I will note that most of uswill not email responses to inquiries, for two reasons: other people may be curious about the answer, and have a right to know; and most of the volunteers here care to keep their email addresses confidential.

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