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Posted by David FG on July 18, 2005

In Reply to: Bling-a-blong-a posted by Bob on July 18, 2005

: : I'm translating a TV series in which a boy sings:

: : Bling-a-blong-a to me (for "Happy Birthday" song)

: : For he's a blongee good fellow
: : Which nobody can bling-blong

: : What is "bling-blong"?

: Well, "bling bling" was slang for gaudy chunky jewelry, now shortened to "bling." But I don't think that's relevant here. This sounds like nonsense words, whimsically whipped up for self-amusement. Silly words substituted for expected familiar words.

The sort of thing my three-year-old daughter does and only a parent could find endearing.


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