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Frog gigging?

Posted by J on June 24, 2005

In Reply to: Frog gigging? posted by ESC on June 22, 2005

: : : : : Please help to find an idiom with the following meaning: when you knowingly do\tell someone something, that he does not like. For example strike a cat against its fur (everybody knows that cats don't like it)

: : : : "Be the bearer of bad news."

: : : : But do you mean who tells bad news or says something for sport, to annoy the listener? I had a coworker who recently said, "I gigged her." (As in frog gigging.) She meant she deliberately said something to "get the other person's goat." Another idiom.

: : : Frog gigging?
: : : Never heard that in Brooklyn
: : : I give up.

: : I never heard of it in NY, either, growing up. I had to move to the Midwest to learn about it. To "gig" a frog, one uses a pointed spear (a gig, as it happens) and ... oh, I can't go on. It's just all too brutal.

: I didn't hear about it until I moved to Kentucky. Frog legs anyone?

Do frogs legs go with grits?

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