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Let's add a Counter

Posted by Al on June 22, 2005

In Reply to: Let's add a Counter posted by Bob on June 22, 2005

: : : Not a question, but a suggestion- you should add "the whole nine yards" to the index- It's from WWII when a pilot would shoot at something and use up the whole ammo belt in the machine gun. A belt of preloaded shells was 9 yards long (approx.) Thus when you really tear into something you are giving it "the whole 9 yards".

: : What a novel idea! Thanks for sharing. By the way, Joe, read this: meanings 411150.html

: Better idea: let's add a counter to the website that would add up the number of times W9Y theories bubble up to the surface. Every 100 submissions, the sender gets a prize: 9 yards of concrete wrapped in a kilt, maybe.

I've a -- not sure what to call it, a "meta [something] perhaps. When and why did it become so popular to post 'whole nine yards' theories? I am reminded of back when print was just becoming risque there was a fad of creating acronyms for naughty words. Fornication Upon Command of the King was popular. When did 'whole nine yards' theories become the fad or fancy?

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