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Put the moose on the table

Posted by Russ Cable on August 14, 2005

In Reply to: Put the moose on the table posted by Armin on August 13, 2005

: Hi :
: What does "put the moose on the table" means ?
: Thank you in advance.

"Put the Moose on the Table" is the title of a business advice book by Randall Tobias. It combines two idioms with a twist to make it "his own". First, the idea of "ignoring the elephant in the room" which is a topic or problem that is very obvious but no one wants to discuss despite it being very hard to ignore. He's substitued moose for elephant as a very large, hard to ignore animal. "putting something on the table" in a meeting means to open the topic for discussion. Therefore, the book deals with ways to discuss difficult business decisions that people would rather ignore.

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