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"sixth form"

Posted by David FG on August 01, 2005

In Reply to: "Sixth form" posted by abe on August 01, 2005

: What is a "sixth form" college student? There are a lot of Ghits on "sixth form" but define:"sixth form" pulls up nothing.

In the UK a child has to be in some form of full-time education until the age of 16 - what used to be called the 5th Form. After that, he/she can stay at his/her school, if it offers post-compulsory education; leave the educational system altogether; move to another school with a 6th Form; or enter a specialist 6th Form College, which teaches such students but is more relaxed in some of its rules and customs than most schools.

A 6th Form student is a student at such an establishment.

The phase '6th Form' is dropping out of use as the terminology has changed. The old 6th Forms (there were two of them) have been redesignated 'Year 12 and Year 13'.


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