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Food loops

Posted by ESC on July 30, 2005

In Reply to: Food loops posted by armin on July 30, 2005

: What is the meaning of food loops`in following sentences ?
: Zack says the kids had to deal with the challenges of urban planning: providing clean water, proper waste disposal, sustainable energy, and mass transportation for a large city. "The robot's main task is to clean up the city. It has to get the food loops , dump 'em in the market, and then it has to get the building materials to the newly constructed building. You also have to fix the bridge and you also can't hurt the environment," he says.

This is a guess. Could a "food" loop (see below) mean an object that is suppose to represent fruit being picked from a tree?

For the competition, every team receives the same playing field: an 8-foot-by-4-foot mat. In this case, it was made to look like a cityscape.
Then out of a pile of about 1,500 Legos, a computer chip, light sensors, wheels and other materials, team members design and develop a robot to solve specific missions - like remove "rocks" from a soccer field, stack "houses" in a certain area and remove "food" loops from trees. They also must design computer programs for these specific tasks. editions/2003/04/25/loc_robotics25.html

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