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Brown nose

Posted by Smokey Stover on May 28, 2005

In Reply to: Brown nose posted by David FG on May 26, 2005

: : "Hey Charlie, you brown nose". That was What I heard years ago. It means something like "You stupid, always pleasing your boss" Why is it that "Charlie" refers to a stupid dude? And why do they use "Brown nose" but not other colours?

: My understanding is that 'brown nose' has a rather crude origin. Someone who always tries to please a superior is also referred to as 'licking his/her a**e. This would, by the nature of its position, cause the nose to become brown in colour. (I hope no one is having breakfast while reading this.)


John Bolton, the Administration's nominee for the post of U.N. Ambassador, was described by an associate as one of those kiss up, kick down, types. When you kiss up to the boss, it hardly suggests kissing on the face. The "up" part, of course, refers to the fact that you are playing up to someone higher on the ladder. But where do you suppose the kiss is placed? Some place that could give you a brown nose? Just a thought. SS

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