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Intensifier adjectives

Posted by Bob on May 24, 2005

In Reply to: Stinking cold posted by Brian from Shawnee on May 23, 2005

: : : : Someone has asked me the origin of 'stinking cold', as in 'I have a stinking cold'. Personally, I have no idea and there's nothing in our archive. I reckon it's just another emphasising adjective, but does anyone have any detail?
: : : : Thanks

: : : There is no way that Briggsey cannot be right on this one. At least, in the U.S. there would be no doubt at all that someone with a "stinking cold" is just trying to say how thoroughly annoyed he is. SS

: :
: : I've known people who'stink" when they are ill... but I tend to agree with Smokey on dis one. Dem colds are stinkas.

: "Lousy" often accompanies "stinking" to show contempt. As in, "He offers me fifty bucks for that! Can you believe it? A lousy, stinkin' fifty bucks!"

There are a freakin' bucketload of intensifier adjectives, all of which mean "very," which serve to make the language more colorful, more euphonious, or more original. A flipping lot of them. A bloody parade of them. (You can even make up your own: "it's shudderacious cold out there." Nobody will misunderstand you.)

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