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Fast Eddie

Posted by Warthog on May 20, 2005

In Reply to: Fast Eddie posted by Bruce Kahl on May 20, 2005

: : : : : : I have heard the expression "fast Eddie" and would like to know where it originated.

: : : : : "Fast Eddie" may come from the name of the accomplished pocket billiards player, Eddie Parker, memorialized in the movie "The Hustler." Presumably, he was named "fast" because he played at a quick pace and could win games of pool quickly.

: : : : Eddie Felson, not Parker, in the Hustler and in The Color of Money.

: : : Fast Eddie Parker was a real-life pool hustler who claimed to be the inspiration for the movie character. But the author of the book which inspired the movie claimed he never met Parker or another guy nicknamed New York Fats or Broadway Fats, who claimed to be the inspiration for the Minnesota Fats character.

: : Indeed, Brian: "Felson" was Fast Eddie's last name in the movie, but the person who probably inspired his character, despite the author's assertions to the contrary, was born with the name Eddie Parker. Parker used a number of aliases, including Felson.

: Learn to listen, listen to learn.
: Thanks.

I recollect that "Fast Eddie Clarke" was the guitarist for Motorhead.


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