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Cash in on me

Posted by Smokey Stover on May 13, 2005

In Reply to: Cash in on me posted by Victoria S Dennis on May 12, 2005

: : What does 'cash in on me' mean?

: : it sounds as though nobody here has encountered that as a stock phrase, Patricia. Can you give us the context, and maybe somebody can help you?

Certainly not a stock phrase. It could mean that "I have or can provide something of value, you have enough control over me that you could make money from what I can provide." It could refer to an insurance policy which you could cash in on if you could kill me in a non-suspicious manner, or it could mean you could be my pimp, or you could use my social standing to get into the company of rich people, or you could kidnap me and hold me for ransom--lots of things along this line. Or it could mean something entirely different. Ah, context, context, mother of meaning! SS

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