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"Just one word: plastic."

Posted by Abe on May 10, 2005

In Reply to: "Just one word: plastic." posted by Abe on May 09, 2005

: The following is seen on the dvd for The Graduate

: "Just one word: plastic."

: And in reviews of The Graduate.

: And I heard it on TV. And I still hear it on TV.

: And I just viewed the dvd. And I vewed that part of the dvd again twice. And I still don't understand why that line was even in the film or why anyone ever repeated it on the cover of the dvd or in any review or on TV. I just don't get it.

The notion that "Plastic was: 'Considered by hippies to be the epitome of what is wrong with our society.' " makes me feel I have a better understanding of why the phrase was stuck out there near the beginning of the movie and has been repeated so often over the decades.

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