Posted by Bob on May 05, 2005

In Reply to: Laugh-in posted by Darlene on May 05, 2005

: From the sitcom "Laugh-in" what does "Cotton pickin' finger lickin' chickin' plucker" mean? Also, from the same sit-com, "Put that in your Funk and Wagnall"

Ah, Laugh In. I was only mildly surprised to see that it is still available on cable TV 37 years later. It was a very fast-paced series of jokes and silliness. The pace was the key to success; even lame jokes get funny when there are 15 in a row. Some satire, some set sketches, a whole lot of running gags (like the two silly phrases you mention) and some 1968-style leering at the likes of Goldie Hawn in her prime. It was not, however, a sitcom. As to the two phrases, both are amiable nonsense using words that sound a little naughty. Funk and Wagnall was a brand of dictionary.