Wrong side of the sheets

Posted by David FG on June 11, 2005

In Reply to: Wrong side of the sheets posted by ESC on June 11, 2005

: : : What does the phrase "Between the sheets," mean? I've heard it in conjunction with marital status but I'm not sure which way to interpret it.

: : Sheets are bedsheets, and it refers to sexual activity. Back when we were giggling adolescents (roughly around the last ice age) there was a party game where we would write out something about a person on a slip of paper (alternatively, a song title) and later they would be read with the words "between the sheets" amended. So "Jill is really funny" and the chorus adds "between the sheets." Giggles all around. Think of three song titles. See how it works?

: Isn't there an expression like "born on the wrong side of the sheets." Meaning the child's parents weren't married. A married couple would conceive a child in bed, properly between the sheets. An unmarried couple might get a baby through a quicky on a made-up bed.

I have heard of 'wrong side of the blanket' which has the same meaning, but not '... of the sheets.'