Hot bunking

Posted by Steve E on April 06, 2005

In Reply to: Hot bunking posted by ESC on April 06, 2005

: : : HOT BUNKING - Today a coworker, a Navy man, was talking about the scarcity of working vehicles at our agency. He said, "Somebody brought back a car and I took it out again. I was 'hot bunking.'" He explained the phrase is related to sleeping in shifts on a ship. There aren't enough bunks so one sailor gets up and another, just getting off duty, lies down before the other's body heat dissipates. Kentucky man, 30s, April 5, 2005.

: : : (The reason we are short on cars: Some of the vehicles are so old or wrecked they can't be driven and have been parked for months. A request to replace them was submitted to management. The request for replacements was denied because the mileage/usage rate was so low on the junkers. They reasoned that since they weren't being driven, we must not need them.)

: : ESC--Your parenthetical gave me a chuckle as we experience the same thing where I work about PC's, Servers, etc. "So, I guess you really don't need any new PC's since the 150 we have in the store room are not being used." What boss does not want to hear is this: they're not being used because they don't work and are not worth getting repaired! And so we go 'round in circles.

: Since we are in Kentucky, it was suggested in the last staff meeting that the inspectors be given horses to make their rounds.

That might give them a clue! In the late '60's I spent a few months in Lexington at the IBM facility on Farm Ranch Road. I will never forget how beautiful it was.