Meaning of this caused HUGE arguement? please settle

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on April 02, 2005

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: : : what sprouted wings and flew away mean? exactly what it means??? thanks for helping me with this.

: : I don't quite see how there can be any doubt about this sentence. It, whatever it was, grew a set of wings, and with these wings flew away. It used its newly grown wings to leave wherever it was by flying. SS

: The phrase is uttered by someone who needs to make a point.

: My wife to me after I couldn't see the mess she was asking me to help her with:
: "You wouldn't recognize garbage if it sprouted wings and flew into your face!"

Or me talking to my younger son: "Oh, you didn't eat those cookies? Well, what did they do, sprout wings and fly away?" To which the answer would be an insolent giggle and "yeah, they flew out the window!".

The asker of this question knows very well that the object they're talking about didn't sprout wings and fly away. However, they stronlgy suspect that the person they're asking knows what happened to the object, which has been devoured, pilfered, or broken and hidden.