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Shufflin' Yo Feet!

Posted by SR on March 28, 2005

In Reply to: What does it mean to shuffle your feet? posted by Bob on March 27, 2005

: : Can some one tell me what it means when someone shuffles their feet?
: From
: shuf·fle v. tr.
: To slide (the feet) along the floor or ground while walking.

: To move (something) from one place to another; transfer or shift.

: To put aside or under cover quickly; shunt: shuffled the bill under a pile of junk mail.

: To mix together; jumble.

: To mix together (playing cards or tiles, for example) so as to make a random order of arrangement.

: v. intr.
: To move with short sliding steps, without or barely lifting the feet: The crowd shuffled out of the theater.

: To dance casually with sliding and tapping steps.

: To move about from place to place; shift: shuffled around looking for work.

: To act in a shifty or deceitful manner; equivocate.

: Games. To mix playing cards, tiles, or dominoes together so as to make their order random.

: n.
: A short sliding step or movement, or a walk characterized by such steps.

: A dance in which the feet slide along or move close to the floor.

: An evasive or deceitful action; an equivocation.

: A confused mixture; a jumble.

: Games.
: An act of shuffling cards, dominoes, or tiles.

: A player's right or turn to do this.

"Shuffling" is and has been very popular in song.
Here are just a few examples... SR

From Jimmy Buffett's "The Wino and I Know"
"The ice cream man he's a hillbilly fan
Got seventy-eights by Hank Snow
Walks down the street, shufflin' his feet
To a rhythm that only he knows"

"Shuffle Off To Buffalo"
Don Bestor
I'll go home and get my panties,
You go home and get your scanties,
And away we'll go; Mm!
Off we're gonna shuffle,
Shuffle off to buffalo.
To niagra in a sleeper,
There's no honeymoon that's cheaper
And the train goes slow, Mm!
Off we're gonna shuffle,
Shuffle off to buffalo.
Someday, the stork may pay us a visit
And leave a little souvenir;
Just a little cute "What is it?"
But we'll discuss that later, dear.
For a little silver quarter,
We can have the pullman porter
Turn the lights down low. Ooh!
Off we're gonna shuffle,
Shuffle off to buffalo.

"Harlem Shuffle" by the Rolling Stones
You scratch just like a monkey
Yeah you do real cool
You slide it to the limbo
Yeah how low can you go?
Now come on baby
Don't fall down on me now
Just move it right here
To the Harlem shuffle
Yeah yeah yeah to the Harlem shuffle
Yeah yeah yeah to the Harlem shuffle

Bruce Springsteen's "E Street Shuffle"
Sparks fly on E Street when the boy- prophets walk it, handsome and hot
All the little girls' souls grow weak when the man-child gives them a double shot
The schoolboy pops pull out all the stops on a Friday night
The teenage tramps in skin-tight pants do the E Street dance and everything's alright
Little kids down there either dancin' or hooked up in a scuffle
Dressed in snakeskin suits packed with Detroit muscle
They're doin' the E Street Shuffle

There are many more! Enjoy!

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