Wild brains

Posted by Barney on May 14, 2000

In Reply to: Wild brains posted by ESC on May 13, 2000

: I was reading the online account of the fires in Los Alamos, New Mexico. One of the links was an employee publication of the U.S. nuclear weapons lab. One of the "letters to the editor" was a discussion of "wild brains." From the context it sounded like this was a reference to an innovative thinker. Has anyone heard this expression?

Here in the UK there's a BBC Radio programme called 'Wild Brain' which is a quiz where the invited participants are expected to recognize wild flora and fauna from a minimal description and/or the noises made by the fauna as they snuffle along the hedgerows or engage in other activities and the smells emanating from both under given circumstances. I have to admit that it appears to be a minority interest not necessarily requiring innovative thinking or a superior intelligence but certainly requiring admirable dedication.

I claim such programs reflect those eccentricities of the human race which make the whole process of living just that little bit more interesting.