Waltzing Matilda

Posted by Itinerant Brain Surgeon - Listed on April 20, 2000

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: : : : : I thought I would add my bit of Australian Folklaw to the archives.(As I understand it)
: : : : : The famous Australian poem/song Waltzing Matilda, originated from Germany, where the young men of a village would travel the countrside going from town to town working as whatever was going at the time - this was called "Waltzing" (sp).Then during the war a "Matilda" was a nickname given to the woman of the night that kept the soldiers warm, this was also the name of the thick army coats the soldiers would wear.
: : : : : From this the Australian Swagman, (A drifter or tramp , who wanders around on foot , living on gratuity and odd jobs), would carry his "Swag" which contained all his worldly posessions/tools etc ...this was also his bed for the night.
: : : : : I look forward to hearing any one elses version of this.
: : : : : B

: : : : On that same subject (Aussie-speak) here's one of my favorite sites: www.sunburntcountry.au.com/ sayings/

: : : A must for any would be Aussie is the Dinkum Dictionary, all the phrases andd sayings you could ever want

: : OK, will someone put their hands up to the spoof "Folklaw" contribution above. It's a total wind up and not worthy of analysis. Wandering Germans boys, thick coats, war - what war? Get out of here you pommie blags, we're not all hayseeds down under 'ya know'.

: Just to set the record straight I am not a pom, but an Australian .... my great great grandfather was Henry Lawson. And guess what "Doc"..there actually was a war, in fact there have been a few.
: I have found one reference to my comment's at
: www.waltzingmatilda.com/ wmhist.html
: Now, I never said that this was actual fact, but only the version that I knew, which is why I posted it on a Discussion Forum page.
: Maybe you "should" take the time to analyse things before making stupid statements.
: B

Hey, so I visited 'www.waltzingmatilda.com/ wmhist.html' and can now understand where you're coming from. So I thought you were a pom taking the piss, an honest mistake. You didn't help your case by the way you represented the information. Suggest you have a re-read of the stuff on www.waltzingmatilda.com/ wmhist.html.

I don't think anyone would claim Dennis O'Keeffe (it's his website) has presented a scholarly work but what the hell; it's one man's opinion and he believes it, so who are we to cast doubt on his conclusions.