Hakuna matata

Posted by Mindi on March 02, 2005

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: : : : : what does "Hakuna matata" mean?

: : : : Let me introduce you to a very fine tool.
: : : : See link below.

: : : or you can watch the Disney movie "The Lion King". It is the oragin of the phrase, and has a nice little song to explan it.

: : Bruce was referring to google.com I found this by pasting the phrase in:

: : What is the meaning of this "Hakuna Matata?"

: : Hakuna Matata is a Swahili term. "-kuna" means "there is," the meaning of "hakuna" is "there is not"; "matata" is the plural of "problem"; so the literal translation of "Hakuna Matata" is "there are no problems," but usually is used as a phrase with the meaning of "No Problem."

: : From kenya.de/

: and here I thought Disney made up two nonsense words