Stick it in your nose

Posted by ESC on February 27, 2005

In Reply to: Stick it in your ear posted by Lexi on February 27, 2005

: A prase that is a polite way of saying 'stick it up your a**. Or does it mean what it says?

I think it's just a polite way of saying shove it where the sun don't shine.

And I have to add this exchange between Mary Richards and her boss Lou Grant (Mary Tyler Moore Show):

[Mary and Lou in his office; Mary has decided to confront him about his weight.]

LOU: First, let me help you with some of your faults. Mary, you've got chipmunk cheeks!
(Obviously she's angered by this, and sucks in her cheeks with a decisively evil eye)
MARY: Are you quite finished, Mr. Grant?
(Lou takes a big bite of the chocolate eclair)
MARY: You seem to have found some hurt me because I tried to help you. (leaving the office) So, I'm just going to bear in mind that some people, when hurt, say things they can't possibly mean.
LOU: I hate it when you get classy.
MARY: How very unfortunate.
LOU: I am not fat!
MARY: You are too!
LOU: Okay, starting today, I'm fasting! No food! Now, is there anything else?
MARY: Yes, I came in here to invite you to dinner tomorrow night.
Later, at dinner.)
LOU: Boy, doesn't this all look good! Hey Mary, tell me. Would a single raw carrot put any more ugly fat on me?
MARY: (deadpan) Not if you stuck it in your nose.
LOU: What did you say, Mary?
MARY: Nothing, I said nothing.
LOU: You see, fat people sometimes have hearing problems.
MARY: Will you stop it?!