"Go Pound Salt"

Posted by Dlg97003 on February 25, 2005

PPl that are concerned about the "go pound salt" phrase are looking into it too deeply. It means to "Go get lost" which is a pointless thing to do, so you are basically saying to someone, "get out of here" in an angry sort of way. It is not as rude as "[F-word] off" as some might like to think, its old-fashioned talk by NYC-area types that are lost in old-fashioned ways. So with "get lost","pound salt", or "pound sand"....there is no origin or historical meaning to it, pounding sand would be a pointless way to spend your time, so after you have done something undesirable to someone else, they might tell you to "go pound salt". I feel like I have "pounded salt" wasting time writing this pointless paragraph. End transmission.