You have lived since then

Posted by Steve E on February 23, 2005

In Reply to: You have lived since then posted by Serge Liberman on February 22, 2005

: : I was wondering if this expression means something like: It's history by now?

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: Ruth Julius

: My understanding of the sentence is that: one you were young, you were raw, you were inexperienced and made all sorts of mistakes then;

: But "you have lived since then": you are older, you have seen, read and done many things, you have come to know an enormous number of people who have contributed to your "living" (i.e. to your experiencing) as a consequence of which you have acquired experience and more sober wisdom, you have gained in maturity, your approach to situations is different from it would have been long ago, and so on.

: If it can be seen as "it's history by now", as you ask, Ruth, I would have to add that it is "applied or active history", "living" in this context meaning history in the broadest sense (personal, family, education, national, and all manner of allegiances you may have or have had), that has made you what you are.

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: Serge.


Absolutely wonderful answer and beautifully expressed! I believe you captured the essence of the phrase. My short interpretation would have been: "things [you] have changed since then".