Reasonable people, equally informed, seldom disagree.

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on February 17, 2005

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: : : A mentor of mine has this quote in his office, framed. Any idae of source?

: : No idea of source for the quotation, but I believe it is in response to the phrase (usually following the exclamation "Great minds think alike!") : "fools seldom differ"

: : L

: I googled and found several references to it online. I'll give my quote books a search tonight.

From today's Dilbert comic strip:

Boss: "The last election was incredibly close. That's why it's so important to vote."
Wally: "Smart, well-informed people were evenly divided. Therefore, logically, that proves that intelligence is not a factor, so voting is absurd."
Boss: "Then you have no right to complain about the result."
Wally: "I'm pretty sure I do."

Also, I forget where I read it but recently somebody said something like "the more difficult it is to make a choice, the less it matters which you choose."