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I'm your wingman

Posted by Ward on January 30, 2005

In Reply to: I'm your wingman posted by Brian from Shawnee on January 30, 2005

: : I was watching a movie today. The buddy said to the main character, "I'm your wingman." Meaning "I've got your back." From Merriam-Webster:

: : Wingman -- Main Entry: wing·man
: : Pronunciation: -m&n
: : Function: noun
: : : a pilot who flies behind and outside the leader of a flying formation

: A recent Bud/Miller/Coors beer commercial was themed "Here's to the Wingman". The Wingman in this case is the guy in a pick-up bar who takes the ugly chick so his buddy can get to her friend, who's hot.

While the initial meaning of wingman came from air tactics and referred to having another airplane guarding your flank, the meaning of the term has now morphed into anyone who is by your side and helping in a defensive (or as above) an offensive manner.

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