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Love and kisses

Posted by David FG on February 08, 2005

In Reply to: Love and kisses posted by Eric on February 07, 2005

: Should it be considered a love relation if I end a letter/e-mail with "Lots of love. Big kisses". Just wondering, I am german and my girlfriend from Scotland.

I always end letters to women that I know even moderately with 'love', and to women I know well with 'lots of love'. I don't consider it to be a declaration of amorous intent and nor do they.

I would never sign off with 'big kisses' to anyone, but that is just personal preference.

Much depends on the individual, I think; if up until this point you have been writing 'yours sincerely' and suddenly change to 'lots of love and big kisses' it might come as a bit of a shock, but if you have been reasonably demonstrative already, it would probably be seen as just a normal thing to do.

Not sure if this helps at all.


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