Double-block home

Posted by Mugball-us on February 03, 2005

In Reply to: Double-block home posted by Brian from Shawnee on February 01, 2005

: In Northeastern Pennsylvania, a "double-block home" is for all intents and purposes synonymous with "two-family home" in a town or city. The phrase seems to be confined to this quarter of the state. This morning an older gentleman inquired as to the origin of the phrase on the bulletin board of our local TV station. I Googled and didn't come up with an origin, but I only got 55 hits and they were all from Northeastern PA! Just thought I'd record it here for posterity.

I was raised in New England and have lived in NYC, Arizona and DC and I have never heard "double-block home". It sounds like what the rest of us call a "duplex".