Phrase Origin: Go to war Miss Agnes

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on March 10, 2005

In Reply to: Phrase Origin: Go to war Miss Agnes posted by James Briggs on March 08, 2005

: : Has anyone heard of the origin of the phrase "Go to war Miss Agnes!" Chuck Thompson, Baltimore Sportscaster, would say this during broadcasts. My grandmother used to say "Go to war St. Agnes!"can't seem to find the phrase in internet searches.
: : Thanks.

: Here are a couple of Googled links. They don't give an origin but give some chronology.

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I posted this question on both the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals websites, but no baseball fans there seem to know the answer either. Although, interestingly, one guy from Washington thinks Mr. Thompson stopped saying "Go to war, Miss Agnes" during the Vietnam war. But I find that hard to believe because it's still a well-known saying among Baltimore/Washington sports fans. Chuck Thompson broadcast both baseball and football for many decades, and his catch phrases "Ain't the beer cold!" and "Go to war, Miss Agnes" would be uttered after a timely home run or touchdown.