Don't disturb my circles

Posted by ESC on January 28, 2005

DON'T DISTURB MY CIRCLES - "Shrewd, witty, formidable, Ms. Holway is a cherished New England type: the grandmother who, with little time for men, casts a cold eye on the facts of life. In her riveting soliloquy about the rape, she remembers thinking she'll be murdered before she can finish various projects. She quotes Archimedes: 'Don't disturb my circles.'" Television Review; A Tale of Rape and a Victim's Outrage by Virginia Heffernan, New York Times, published January 11, 2005. [Dead link removed - ed] Accessed January 27, 2005.

This is a review of an HBO documentary - A Rape in a Small Town: the Florence Holway Story. Mrs. Holway is just a fascinating old woman -- intelligent, quirky, artistic, strong. I really wanted to hear more about her life. But, unfortunately and of necessity, the focus of the documentary was on her rape when she was in her 70s and her subsequent fight to bring her attacker to justice.