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Posted by Alaric Cartwright-Jepson on January 24, 2005

I was just wondering on the origin of the term "Hangover" and came across the following...

Posted by Frankie on May 10, 2000
: "Hangover" --slang, describing the action of dangling over the commode (toilet bowl) the next morning . Simply put, hanging over the toilet to vomit the next morning.
As Richard Roundtree stated on 1/03/00 in
archive 3
"Verily, methinks the wench indeed hath quaffed of our finest ale; how apple-cheeked and lusty she doth appear!.....'til following morn when she hungeth over mine commode to rid herself of thine iniquities. (alright, I made up the last part.)

But wondered (purely speculatively) if the term had anything to do with the habit of allowing prisoners drinks in all hostelries on the way to Tyburn to be Hanged...?

Anyone know the true origin

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