DPs, Spit roasts, dogging and sandwiches - adult content.

Posted by James Briggs on January 21, 2005

In Reply to: DPs, Spit roasts, dogging and sandwiches - adult content. posted by Rude Boy on January 21, 2005

: : : : I am down in DC showing my aggravation during the inauguration. While in the streets I heard two guys describing a girl they met as a "sandwich girl".

: : : : I thought it was a girl who worked at a hero shop like a Blimpie's or Subway but the phrase is used to describe someone who is very thin, someone who needs a sandwich.

: : : Bruce, you're my hero. And I'm not talking about a sandwich.

: : I'd only recently caught up to the phrase "butternose girl," apparently popularized by the odious Howard Stern. "I like everything about her," the saying goes, "but her nose."

: I think "sandwich girl" may be another expression for a lass that gets DP'd (double penetrated i.e. one man in each lower orifice) - it differs from "roasting" - or to be more precise "spit roasting" in that although that is another 2 man job, it is an upper and lower orifice used as if the woman were impaled both ends like a suck(l)ing pig on a spit.

: some of these expressions are new to me - I heard them only as a result of the antics of overpaid and oversexed footballers and the sluttish women who want to tick them off on their "shagged" list.

: jealous? me? not really - it is hardly any better than competitive wanking to double-up in such circumstances. I may have a competitive streak to my character, but I reckon, like most people, that sex is a private matter between the people concerned. why they can't simply "pull" one burd each is a mystery...

: I suppose that's probably why - unlike a certain footloose footballer - "dogging" (a form of consensual voyeurism) just doesn't appeal.

: RB

Back when I was young a 'sandwich man' was a man who paraded the streets with a pair of advertising boards hanging from his shoulders, one on his chest and the other on his back - he was the 'sandwich' beytween these two boards. Any chance of a connection with your use?