Hard tellin'/ regionalisms

Posted by ESC on January 20, 2005

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: : In a conversation with my old farmer neighbour he said, "Hard tellin', not knowin'!" meaning "Its hard to say!" or "I don't really know!" Are there other regionalisms meaning the same thing? I use many of these in my programmes to the delight of both children and adults.
: : While stranded in the Memphis, Tennessee airport, on our way to the Mardi Gras last year, I overheard a woman reply to a customer, "I know what it say, but it ain't what it is!" She meant, of course, that the product was mis-labeled.
: : If you have other examples or source materials, and if this is not the place to list them, please e-mail them to me! Much appreciation to any and all.

: : SR

: The Good Lord knows and he ain't telling.

PS. I have several references that list (U.S.) country sayings. The problem is most aren't grouped by subject and don't have a good index. So it's a matter of paging through.