Git Along, Little Dogies

Posted by Al on December 27, 2004

In Reply to: Git Along, Little Dogies posted by Henry on December 27, 2004

: : : : what do you mean by "get a long little doggy"?? or "get along little doggy"? and could you tell me the origin! thanx!

: : :
: : : I think it should be 'dogy' or 'dogie' (what in the UK would be called a heifer). It comes from cattle ranching, presumably, and I assume is just a phrase used to move the dogies along; something like 'shoo' or whatever.

: : : DFG

: : A dogie is a motherless calf.

: :
: : Dogies Lament
: : As I was out walkin' one mornin' for pleasure
: : I spied a cowpuncher a-ridin along
: : His hat was throwed back and hie spurs were a-jingling
: : And as he approached, he was singin' this song
: : Chorus:
: : Whoopie-ti-yi-yo, get along you little dogie's
: : It's your misfortune and none of my own
: : Whoopie-ti-yi-yo, get along you little dogie's
: : You know that Wyoming will be your new home

: : It's early in the spring when we round up the dogies
: : We mark 'em and brand 'em and Bob off their tails
: : We round up the horses, load up the chuck-wagon,
: : Then send the dogies out on the long trail.

: : Chorus

: : Your mother was raised away down in Texas,
: : Where the gipsom weed and the 'sanders grow
: : We'll feed you up on prickly-pear and choya
: : And then send you loapin' to old Idaho

: : Chorus

: This song was first noted down by Owen Wister in his Journal, February, 1893, at Brownwood, Texas. "I have come upon a unique song... and I transcribe it faithfully. Only a cowboy could have produced such an effusion. It has the earmark of entire genuineness."

: As I walked out one morning for pleasure,
: I met a cowpuncher a-jogging along.
: His hat was thrown back and his spurs was a-jingling,
: And as he advanced he was singing this song.
: (Chorus)
: Sing hooplio get along my little dogies,
: For Wyoming shall be your new home.
: It's hooping and yelling and cursing those dogies,
: To our misfortune but none of your own.

: It's pronounced doe-gies.

For over half a century I thought "a long little doggy" was a dachshund.