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Sources for possible new phrases?

Posted by ESC on December 19, 2004

In Reply to: Sources for possible new phrases? posted by James Briggs on December 19, 2004

: Not quite phrases, but so neat that they could be construed as such in some quarters - ? the young?!

: From The Times Saturday 18 December


: Alickadoo: A touchline pundit who talks a great deal more than he knows
: Bimble: Go for a wander (I'm bored, I'm off for a bimble)
: Blunkett: Verb: to have a junket at taxpayers' expense Noun: £180 (dinner for four was less than a Blunkett)
: Goaldigger: A football groupy
: Cobwebsite: A website that hasn't been updated for a long time
: Mum truck: Four-wheel drives on the school run
: Giggleberry: The bit that hangs down, at the back of your mouth
: Tinselitis: A sore throat after too much partying
: Neologatry: The love of creating new words

: Source

Cobwebsite -- I like it.