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Bite the bullet?

Posted by Lotg on December 07, 2004

In Reply to: "To bite the paddle" posted by Bernd on December 07, 2004

: Hi,

: could anyone tell me what his phrase means and where it might come from? I hope I don´t have to find the context again as I wrote it down from a book, but not the page number.

: Thanks a lot

: Bernd

Hi Bernd. I've never head of this before. A more common saying I'm familiar with is 'bite the bullet'. There's an explanation for that saying, if you enter it into the search field at the top, and browse the archives.

But 'bite the paddle' is a new one on me. Perhaps if it was in context, it could have been the author deviating slightly from the original saying in order to make it fit the story. eg. Maybe it was said in the story while the character was whitewater rafting or something. --GODDESS

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