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Posted by Bob on December 05, 2004

In Reply to: Ask of posted by David FG on December 05, 2004

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: : : : The following sentence was said by an anti-apartheid hero \, Nelson Mandela at the

: : : : He never *asked of* others what he was not prepared to do.
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: : : : Would anyone tell me waht that mean?

: : : He never requested that someone do something that he himself would not do or be able to do.

: : Can the *of* be omitted?

: : Thanks

: I would say not. I think the 'of' is obligatory here. It is a subtle point, but one that is necessary I think. What do others say?


To "ask" someone something, and to "ask of" someone something are two very different things. To ask is to inquire, to pose a question. To ask of is to make a demand, to request a duty.