Nail your butt to the wall????

Posted by Mugball-us on December 02, 2004

In Reply to: Nail your butt to the wall???? posted by ESC on December 02, 2004

: : Help! I understand it's meaning....but where did it derive? I have also heard "nail your hide to the wall" but after reseaching....I find nothing. The closest I came was "nailing your colors to the Mast" but I don't think its the same. Thanks!!!

: Guess here. People would nail the hides of animals to a wall so the hides wouldn't shrink.

The form that's probably original is "nail your ears to the wall". I guess that "butt" became preferred because it sounds more forceful, requiring larger nails, for instance, and a stronger nailing arm. But, if faced with the task, I'd have to say it looks easier and more effective to nail an ear than a butt. I wouldn't know where to start with a butt since its essentially spherical, but ears stick out nicely and provide lots of possible attachment points. Not as much bleeding either.