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Homecoming Queen

Posted by Word Camel on December 02, 2004

In Reply to: Homecoming Queen posted by David FG on December 02, 2004

: Apologies if this has been done before, but I recently heard the Monkees song 'Cheer up Sleepy Jean' and it contains the words 'and a Homecoming Queen'. Can anyone tell me what it means?

: Many thanks.


Once a year at most American schools, from Highschool upward, there is a weekend called "Homecoming". It's near the highpoint of the American football season and is a celebration both for students currently in school and those who have graduated. Graduates traditionally return for a visit which is why it is called "Homecoming". There is typically a parade and sometimes a dance. The most popular young man and young woman are elected Homecoming king and queen. For those of you familiar with Prom, it's a bit like that except that it takes place in the autumn.

As I'm writing about this, it reminds me of pagan harvest festivals - in a rather spooky way. Luckily for the king and queen the price of popularity doesn't involve human sacrifice or any of those embarrassing fertility rites, just wearing a silly hat and riding around in public atop a vintage car.

In the song it implies that Jean is special.

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