Velvet coffin or velvet cage?

Posted by Lee on December 02, 2004

In Reply to: The velvet coffin culture posted by platypus on December 01, 2004

: I've heard "the velvet coffin" used to describe a loveless marriage to a wealthy man. The woman, either a younger, gold-digger type or a wide-eyed innocent, is surounded with luxury and opulance, but her need for love and romance is unfulfilled.
: Also, "the velvet coffin" has been used to describe prison for the well connected. I suspect this is mainly a product of fiction, but lots of ganster movies portray the higher-ups of the Cosa Nostra wearing silk pajamas, drinking wine and cooking their own food in a specially equipted cell with a refrigerator, stove, TV,

= Thanks but are you really talking about the velvet coffin? Seems like you are referring to the velvet cage. Pls confirm,thanks