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Posted by Lewis on November 26, 2004

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: : : : : : : : There was a discussion about gender of various concepts, and the issue of the camel toe comes to mind. What is the male equivalent of the camel toe?

: : : : : : : The male equivalent would be "bulge". You have to say it a certain way, at a certain time, but it's just plain "bulge".

: : : : : : : My understanding is that "Camel Toe" was coined or became popular from a sketch on the "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" show back in 2001. There was a character named Camel Toe Annie who came out waering sweat pants and did a dance with this ridiculously obvious camel toe. Not that I can stay up that late; somebody e-mailed me a clip.

: : : : : :
: : : : : : I'd once heard a comedian say that it looks like a man is trying to smuggle plums. Perhaps a phrase can be made from that analogy. Although, if it is said a certain way, as Brian suggests, 'bulge' is apt.

: : : : : Hmmm... I wonder who started this thread - she says suspiciously...

: : : : : I must say, until I was recently 'enlightened' by an American friend, I'd never heard the term before. Sheltered life?

: : : : : How many toes does a camel have anyway?

: : : : OK, well I've done the research and I now know that camels have two toes, thus the term (as presented by Flyguy) I can see must be confined to the female gender. Although the squirrel's pretty impressive don't you think?

: : : Goddess.......you got to the squirrel, did you? Seems to me there was a lot of research on your part since the squirrel was on the last page of 9 'mens Camel Toe' pages. The effort you put into being fully informed is impressive.

: : Thankyou Flyguy. I do like to immerse myself in my work.

: 'lunchbox' became popular when male athletes started to wear skin-tight lycra. there was no hiding from the obvious male appendage and so somebody on TV started to call it a 'lunchbox' and make light of it. packet, lunchpack etc - all variations on a theme.

: I hadn't come across 'camel toe' until on here.

: we just used to say something about reading lips.

: L

when I said "I hadn't come across 'camel toe'" I was (uncharacteristically) entirely unaware of the possible double-entendre, but I cannot think of how to correct any misapprehension without putting my foot in it - whoops! made a fist of that clarification. Damn! Suffice to say, I am and have been, long familiar with the phenomena in question and simply lacked that particular descriptive term.

whilst on such topics as VPL - just a thought on today's startling Sexually Transmitted Disease statistics amongst the young - the Generation Clap.

I partly blame the present fashion for having trousers/jeans/trackies so low that depillation is a must: it takes the lads today just too little effort to get down to business. even with normal jeans or lightweight trousers rather than the (horrid) tights (nylons) and skirt combination, there was a degree of endeavour to getting to 'the zone' - I'm not sure that lowering an inch of material to effect entry is quite the same challenge.

anybody know if the fashion for pube-pants is coming to an end ? (whoops again)

...and then there was the insistence on condoms, which appears an afterthought according to the stats. another inhibitor.

furthermore, the suggestion is also that laddettes getting wrecked makes them somewhat less discriminating than their forebears. No! Surely not!
as Shakespeare said, drink is an equivocator - it promotes the desire, but takes away the performance. it sounds like somaphilia to me.

I could almost have been jealous having been a student in the AIDS-panic era when you wanted medical certificates from a list of every person that your partner had ever even snogged before holding hands, but sex with a drunken slutty skanky clap-bucket doesn't sound that appealing.

"in olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking - now heaven knows - anything goes"

the more things change, the more they stay the same.