Bears' legs, speciality and chaises longues

Posted by TheFallen on November 18, 2004

Before I start, let me restate that in UK English, the word is "speciality". I have noticed the "specialty" version in use in the US. However, for the normally infallible Ms. Berg to state that the word "speciality" does not exist filled me with ire, gall and umbrage.

Similarly, I noticed in the recently archived posts that apparently a "chaise longue" has started to be known as a "chaise lounge" in the US? Is this really true? If so, has its pronunciation also changed from shayz lawn-guh to shayzz lounj? You are kidding me, right?

Anyway, back to the main subject (which I have money riding on)... how many legs does a bear have? No tricks, no puns - a straightforward question. Two or four?