Posted by Henry on November 22, 2004

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: : : : Could u answer this question for me please
: : : : Who put the expression 'Do I not like that' into the English Language?

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: : : That was/is a catchphrase used by the English magician Paul Daniels.

: : Hmmm. Paul Daniels' catchphrase was "You'll like this. Not a lot, but you'll like it". I thought the most "famous" exponent of "Do I not like that" was Graham Taylor, the particularly useless manager of the English national soccer squad for a brief period.

: definitely Graham Taylor. he had a reputation for blandness and that verbal switcharound became one of the few things for him to be noted for, that and being rather harshly compared to a turnip. there is a long tradition of using vegetables as weapons without a person even being in the stocks. A 'radish' is a particularly midlands/Black Country expression. Even the Krauts (couldn't resists it!), sorry 'Germans' are in on the act - with "Kartoffelkopf" (potato head).

: Do I not like that?

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The England football team manager in recent years has become a popular target for the tabloid press. The turnip reference was an invention of The Sun. After the England had lost to Sweden, the so-called newspaper used the headline Swedes 2 Turnips 1, with a picture of Graham Taylor's face superimposed on a turnip.