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Call my own

Posted by Bob on November 21, 2004

In Reply to: Call my own posted by jUNE on November 21, 2004

: I came across the sentence below

: Could you please tell me the meaning of it?
: I've looked for it on my dictionaries and couldn't find anything related at all.

: -The girl is the only one that I can__my own.
: A)call B)call asC)call to beD)call by
: According to the key, the correct answer is A

: Thanks for your kindness

Yes, "call" is correct. To call (something) your own is to declare that it belongs to you. Putting aside for the moment the ethical question of "owning" a person who is the object of your desire, it is a common idiom to believe (claim, call, declare) a territorial interest, build a fence around, and put up sentries. As the old Mills Brothers song ends, "I'd rather have a paper doll that I can call my own, than have a fickle-hearted real live girl."

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