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The Velvet Hammer

Posted by Steve on November 18, 2004

Many thanks for your reply. I had a drink called Velvet Hammer before but I don't think that is the etymology of this expression.

Note that the seemingly-related expression (/the iron hand/fist in a/the velvet glove) dates back to Charles V (Holy Roman Emperor)

Anyone else who could help me...?

In Reply to: the Velvet Hammer posted by Lotg on November 18, 2004

: : I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me about the origin of this expression. (e.g. James Baker was nicknamed as the Velvet Hammer.) Is it anything to do with the proverbial expression 'an/the iron hand/fist in a/the velvet glove'?

: : - what the word origin is (Bible?);
: : - why V and H are capital letters, and
: : - why it is with 'the'.

: I've never heard of it before, but it implies a strong but soft approach.

The Velvet Hammer is a drink...made with vodka, Kahlua, and whipped with vanilla ice cream. My wife tells me that they go down like velvet, and the hammer arrives later.
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