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Cheap thrill

Posted by Word Camel on October 20, 2004

In Reply to: ...or to translate the up-side usage posted by TheFallen on October 19, 2004

: : : : Where the hell does that come from?? Anyone please its driving me bonkers

: : : I've heard of someone so dumb he didn't know he was alive.

: : To expand on ESCs entry, I think the implication is... that if something is so fantastic, or so bad, or whatever (ie. so extreme), that you 'don't know you are born' until you've experienced it. It's just exagerating an emotion. Trying to paint an extreme mental picture.

: You haven't lived till you've tried Haagen-Dasz. (NB This is a bare-faced lie, also known as marketing. Please do not take this literally.)

I think you may have meant Häagen-DaZS. *grin*

Who hadn't live till she corrected TheFallen's spelling, just the once.