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Who loves ya, baby?

Posted by ESC on October 17, 2004

In Reply to: Who's your daddy? posted by Smokey on October 17, 2004

: : After a 6-4 loss to the New York Yankees the last Teh Yankess and Redsocks played, Pedro Martinez, Boston's legendary unhittable pitcher in baseball remarked "What can I say? I tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy."

: : There is a bitter rivalry between the two clubs and so when Martinez pitched against the Yankees in the post season at Yankees Stadium the fans chanted "Who's your daddy?"

: : I had never heard 'call X my daddy' though I've heard 'who's your daddy'. 'Who's your daddy' seems to have more of a protective connotation while 'call x my daddy' is more domineering. Has any one got more information about the first phrase? As it happens we've discussed 'who's your daddy' before but I don't think we have an origin for that phrase either.

: Somebody must know, but not me. On the other hand, I know that it's a wise child who knows his own father. SS

Along the same vein:

The character played by Telly Savalas on the U.S. program "Kojak" (1973-8 and 1989-90) had "Who loves ya, baby?" as his "greeting or chat-up line." ("Oxford Dictionary of Catchphrases" by Anna Farkas (Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York, 2002)