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Sherreebonn & blubble blubble (Billy Connolly)

Posted by David FG on October 16, 2004

In Reply to: Sherreebonn & blubble blubble (Billy Connolly) posted by stefano on October 16, 2004

: reading about panto and Billy Connolly I came across the word 'sherreebonn' (scots slang I presume) and a sketch which a punch line that scapes me.

: I wonder if anyone familiar with Billy Connolly can help with this punchline, specially if you have seen it, as regard

: 1) where was he putting his head and
: 2) meaning of blubble blubble (is it a corruption of some word or phrase?)

: the sketch mentioned is is the American Express one, which ended with the punchline "put your head in between them and go blubble, blubble, blubble with American Express".

: thanks

I think this refers to a sketch from a programme called 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' in the late 1970s/very early 1980s. One of the stars of this series was Pamela Stevenson (now Billy Connolly's wife).

As I remember it, a sketch lampooning American Express involved Pamela Stevenson -playing a sales assistant - unbottoning her shirt and asking an American Express card holder (remember at that time AE cards were not common in the UK and were the preserve of the rich, by and large) if he wanted to 'feel her t i t s'

I assume that Connolly was alluding to this - the head being put between the breasts - blubble blubble being a sort of onomatopoeia: it being suggested that that is the noise a male would make in that situation.

As I remember, Ms Stevenson was then (25 years ago) a rather attractive person of the female persuasion.